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I want to thank everyone who helped inspire this EP. I have been wanting for a while now to record these songs-a bit of inspiration comes from sources far and wide….just living everyday, examining the places and the people, being grateful for having a voice to sing.

The experience of recording these beauties was pretty simple….Ben Peeler and I have been friends for years. He plays with such a sweet finesse, whether it’s the Weissenborn or the Mandolin the touch is what you feel-never over, never under, always soulful. We had played a gig together, got to talking, I said I had been wanting to pull these tunes together for a while, and did he feel like assembling some players, meet me in the desert. I said I would supply the tunes, he could supply the pickers. Maxine Waters (of The Waters) was already in because she and I had put down demo versions of some old classic hymnal tunes like Just A Closer Walk With Thee, What A Friend We have In Jesus- having a good time really, not doing anything but getting together and singing, having fun-but having the record button pushed anyway, just in case we got “the spirit,” which we did. Then, Peeler called in Ed Maxwell and Michael Jerome Moore for the rhythm section.

I literally walked in the studio door with Stella on my back, tune in my head, everybody was standing around shaking hands and introducing themselves, then I hit off “Call Me Up”. We had the take by the 3rd time and I hadn’t even sat down yet. That’s all it takes if you have a song, a groove and soulful willing participants- the room and what’s in it takes over. We had never met, laid eyes on each other before, didn’t need to. Now see that’s what I call getting the “spirit.” -SL


Shelby lynne thanks ep

EP Release Date: December 10, 2013

  1. Call Me Up
  2. Forevermore
  3. Walkin’
  4. This Road I’m On
  5. Thanks

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