Shelby Headlines Little Kids Rock May 6th

A Little Lovin’ by Suzanne Daly click to enlarge The positive effects of music in a child’s life begin with lullabies at home and continue with the presence of music programs in schools. The Little Kids Rock Benefit, featuring Shelby Lynne, supports the Little Kids Rock mission on May 6 at George’s in San Rafael.(…)

Stolen: Shelby Lynne Guitars

Stolen: Shelby Lynne Guitars

Dear Friends,

After weeks of Shelby’s tour gear shipment being missing, it upsets us to report that it is now considered stolen. Every one of Shelby Lynne’s guitars and other items used on this last run did not return to her. The cartage company never received her items after her show in Virginia. Below is an itemized list and a few photos of the guitars. Please spread the word. Email us at with any information about the goods. There will be a reward offered to anyone with information leading to the recovery of the guitars. We are all hopeful for a happy ending and will be posting updates on the website and facebook. Please spread the word.

Enjoying Turntables Without Obsessing By Roy Furchgott

By ROY FURCHGOTT Buying records is easy. You can find them by the milk crate at yard sales, for a few dollars apiece in used record stores, and there are new, special pressings by contemporary musicians like Shelby Lynne, whose “Just a Little Lovin’” album, at $30, is a top seller. But buying the instrument(…) (Concert Review)

“She’s an American treasure.” Popdose A Fan’s Notes: Shelby Lynne – Narrows Arts Center, Fall River, MA Ken Shane April 6, 2012 I’ve been a fan since I Am Shelby Lynne appeared in 1999. By that time Shelby had been in the music business for a number of years, but that didn’t stop the(…)

Video Interview: FaceCulture

FaceCulture spoke to Shelby Lynne about Revelation Road, growing up, album covers, lyrics, heaven, own label, major labels, the essence of music, dealing with life, childhood memories, mother and father murder and suicide, Heaven’s Only Days Down The Road, I’ll Hold Your Head, and lots more!

Yahoo! Music World Premiere

Today Yahoo! Music will give GRAMMY winner Shelby Lynne’s new video, “Heaven’s Only Days Down the Road,” its world premiere. The clip echoes the raw candor of her latest independently released album, Revelation Road, weaving footage and photos from her childhood with Lynne’s striking solo performance of the song.

KCRW Performance Broadcast

Shelby plays KCRW’s syndicated music show, Morning Becomes Eclectic on Monday, February 6th, 2012. Listen for free via KCRW’s livestream here. After February 6th, the link will become an archive of the performance.