Shelby Lynne Missing Guitars Found!

Dear Friends,
It pleases us (understatement) to announce that SL’s missing guitars have been found! They were not stolen, our collective good thoughts worked. Here is a statement from her tour manager on that tour:
“Good Morning Everybody,
I just spoke with the gentleman who found Shelby’s missing shipment. He works as a station manager for a Trucking Company that recently bought another trucking company. As he was inspecting a recently acquired trucking warehouse in Sterling, VA (about 25-30 miles west of Wash DC) he discovered an unmarked pallet shoved in a corner of the building. It was Shelby’s pallet still shrink wrapped, untouched, and without identification! No wonder nobody could find it. The shipment seems to be complete: three guitars, one ukulele, etc. Apparently, the original shipment was fumbled at this transfer station and never discovered. He’s a very nice gentleman and was happy for us that your missing property was finally found.”

Here is the proof! Thank you everyone!!

shelby lynneshelby lynne