Shelby Lynne – Press Highlights

Revelation Road Deluxe Edition

“Shelby Lynne is one of a kind. Her timeless songcraft and time-stopping voice have made her one of the most compelling artists of her generation, and maybe the generation that followed too. “


“Revelation Road is a pretty terrific example of the proverbial road less taken… she has one of the most authentic voices — literally and figuratively — in all of American music.”

– The Hollywood Reporter

“[Revelation Road Deluxe Edition] isn’t simply an expanded version of a collection that some critics regard as her best work… it is simultaneously her most ambitious undertaking and her most revealing….As a vocalist Lynne has a way of being as plain and direct as a dirt road one second and then soaring to breathtaking heights in the next. The fireworks have a natural feel: They’re about personality and emotion, not technique.”

Mobile Register

“9 out of 10 – The new music here will keep a listener happily busy for days or more. The first move would have to be listening to the demo version of “Heaven’s Only Days Down the Road”…The live record from McCabe’s Guitar Shop is even more worth having…the stories she tells are like hammers right on the head of a nail. Her singing is that good as well. One year later, the songs on Revelation Road sound like bull’s eyes, every one. This Deluxe Edition is a celebration and a tear coming out of the corner of an eye. Both. And wonderful in both ways.”


“If you go to a Shelby Lynne show nowadays, there’s as a chance she’ll be sitting up there onstage alone with her acoustic guitar, performing bare-bones renditions both of newer, quieter songs and older ones that once received epic studio treatments…she buries herself so deeply in her music that it’s impossible not to be drawn in by the mystery and subtlety of it.”


“Revelation Road, her most recent album, now available as a just-released deluxe edition featuring a live CD and DVD, is her most personal and intimate set of songs to date. She takes that intimacy a step further on the live disc, which features songs from that album and throughout her career, stripped naked as Lynne performs solo.”

Phoenix New Times

“one of the industry’s most emotionally open and articulate songwriters, as demonstrated in songs such as ‘I Cry Everyday,’ ‘Alibi,’ ‘I’ll Hold Your Head’ and ‘Revelation Road,’ the latter two of which appear on her new live album, ‘Live At McCabe’s.’”

Palm Springs Desert Sun

“Lynne took the stage armed with just a single guitar and an Alabama accent… Her performance at Landmark was captivating.”

– Port Washington

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