Revelation Road

Shelby Lynne
Revelation Road

” * * * * She glances through aural photographs of her early years in the brilliantly descriptive I’ll Hold Your Head and demonstrates her melodic ability on Even Angels, a song demanding single status.”

“ * * * * The entirely self-made Revelation Road…finds the Alabama-born singer-songwriter unflinchingly delving into her past.”
– Uncut

“ * * * * one of the finest and most subtly soulful singers of her generation”

” * * * * beauty is often framed by long shadows on what is a subtle and powerful album”
– Guitarist (UK)

“her 12th and most intimate album…a forthright and soul-baring benchmark”
– Billboard

“The threadbare tracks – all written, produced and played entirely by the singer – cast shadows of loss and regret, and offer glimmers of resilience, all made even more affecting by Lynne’s predictably earthy, elegant vocals.”
– USA Today

“a sumptuous, unabashedly Southern song cycle that ranks among the best records of her career”
– The Washington Post

“she delivers the goods. Lynne brings you into the darkest recesses of her soul, with her pain palpable on songs like ‘I Want to Go Back’ and ‘Toss it All Aside.’ On ‘Heaven’s Only Days Down the Road,’ she imagines the mindset of someone who makes a tragic decision he can never back away from.”
– Associated Press

“Popdose 2011: Ken Shane’s Favorite Albums of the Year – Revelation Road – Her most personal album yet. Shelby is an utterly fearless artist.”

“Top 10 Albums of 2011: Revelation Road (Everso): A true solo album: she wrote it all, sang it all, and played every instrument. Shelby Lynne is that singular brand of artist who makes you feel like she’s singing directly to you. Her voice is so up front in the mix that even if she’s whispering, which she often does, she’s right in your ear. Like the great songwriters of another era (Hank Williams comes to mind), her lyrics are etched in pain.”

“she hits the bull’s-eye on ‘Woebegone’ and ‘Toss It All Aside,’ cathartic laments reminiscent of John Lennon’s ‘Plastic Ono Band’ solo debut mixed with a little Hank Williams.”
– Detroit Free Press

“Her dusky alto was in fine form, expressing the ache of shattered romance or the intimate pull of family ties…It was easy to imagine that she was singing directly to you.”
– Birmingham News

“Her latest album, ‘Revelation Road,’ the third release on her own Everso Records, bleeds with emotion…”
– Atlanta Journal Constitution

“[Revelation Road] is filled with stories rich in details from her life…Other songs address themes of loss and sorrow, heartbreak and regret with the same kind of poetic candor, but none registers the gravity and resonance of ‘Heaven’s Only Days.’”
– Kansas City Star

“As a singer, Shelby has always been raw and honest but now…she’s taking it to the next level.”

– The Observer (UK)

“Shelby Lynne: A ‘Revelation’ With An Exceptional Voice”
– NPR’s “Fresh Air”

“more intimate than anything she’s issued previously”

“Shelby Lynne has been recording for more than two decades, but has never stopped evolving. Her music is powerful because it feels heartfelt and entirely hers…and now she’s in a great rhythm.”
–, “World Café”

“Ms. Lynne wrote every tune, plays every instrument and overdubbed her own harmonies. After a career highlighted by 2000’s ‘I Am Shelby Lynne’… and a Memphis-steeped CD of Dusty Springfield songs in 2008—the rural-Alabama-bred singer-songwriter seems most at home when she’s the boss.”
– Wall Street Journal, “The Short List”

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