Stolen: Shelby Lynne Guitars

Dear Friends,

After weeks of Shelby’s tour gear shipment being missing, it upsets us to report that it is now considered stolen. Every one of Shelby Lynne’s guitars and other items used on this last run did not return to her. The cartage company never received her items after her show in Virginia. Below is an itemized list and a few photos of the guitars. Please spread the word. Email us at with any information about the goods. There will be a reward offered to anyone with information leading to the recovery of the guitars. We are all hopeful for a happy ending and will be posting updates on the website and facebook.  Please spread the word.

  1. one (1) guitar-shaped blue Calton fiberglass guitar case, containing 1967 Gibson B-25
  2. one (1) guitar-shaped black fiberboard guitar case wrapped with tape, containing 1968 Gibson B-25
  3. one (1) guitar-shaped dark brown hard guitar case, containing 1995 Gibson AJ Acoustic
  4. one (1) smaller guitar-shaped hard ukulele case, containing 1968 Martin Baritone Ukulele


SL B-25 Gibson 1968

1967 B-25 Gibson

1968 martin Uke

1968 martin Uke