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2023 Shelby Lynne Upcoming Appearances
I Am Shelby Lynne- Six Bonus Tracks- is out on Apple Music
Shelby Lynne sings gospel on The Servant
Love shelby by shelby lynne
Love shelby by shelby lynne

New 2023 shows announced.

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I Am Shelby Lynne

Now released by Everso Records on Apple Music, with SIX bonus tracks.

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The Servant

On her most personal record to date, Shelby Lynne sings her favorite gospel.

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Love, Shelby

Love Shelby is now available everywhere digitally.

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When We Kill The Creators

Starring Shelby Lynne, Ally Walker, Elizabeth Rohm, Tony Joe White

Released October 4th, 2022 via streaming; Apple, Vudu, Amazon, Direct TV (ATT), Spectrum/Comcast.

A soul rock and roll movie about love, talent, death, and music. It is about a singer’s (Shelby Lynne) improbable journey to achieve her dreams, and when she does, it’s about the price she has paid and the question of whether or not it was worth it.

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TOUR Dates


Southern Rounds: An Evening with Poets and Fools

Nashville, TN


Hollywood Bowl

Los Angeles, CA

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