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  1. Michael Hahn’s review of the Cadogan Hall Review had me cheering. You know a critic truly understands an artist when his interpretation of Shelby Lynne’s and Alison Moorer’s poetic and musical genius is met in poetic kind. “Voices like honey” and especially “a dark thrill” are rich and apt metaphors for these gifted singer songwriters, whose haunting and authentic album will keep on resonating. As for the misguided “other” critic who alleged that “Lithium” was out of place, Shelby doffed the perfect gutsy and funny comeback. ‘Nough said!

  2. Reading the review, knowing Shelby for many years and loving her elements of surprise, Michael got the perfect magic these sisters provide.
    They just keep getting better, deeper ……….growth

  3. Have only had the pleasure of seeing Alison in The Horse Whisperer singing that lovely song that made you want Annie to leave he husband for Redford’s character Tom <3 .I have heard the sisters together on You Tube .Last night April 4th. at the MIM in Phoenix,Az. I experienced Shelby in person. She was awesome and her guitarist was amazing. I sure hope they come back and do a show together like she said maybe her and Alison would .Lovely women,artistically talented . Have loved their voices for a very long time.

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