Shelby Lynne Here I Am

... all of Lynne’s set, which featured sole accompaniment from former Mavericks lead guitarist Ben Peeler, had a blues feel, whether the song was a country, Memphis soul, or aged pop tune...

Curtis Schieber

Mid-way through her intimate 90 minute set in the Rumba Café last night, Shelby Lynne recalled meeting Tony Joe White by chance in a Tennessee campground. They shared a special loneliness, one that led to a friendship, writing partnership, and roles for each in a movie.


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  1. Disclosure. I have been a Shelby Lynne fan forever or maybe just 10-15 years. Her performances on the George Jones Tribute widened my appreciation. Her unique interpretation on the Johnny Cash Tribute resulted in 221 viewings and a new level of stunned appreciation. WHY ME LORD. My drug of choice has always been those moments when the singer is the song and I will never be quite the same. Those times with the lights out and an 80′ projection with sound bar cranked and I am alive, raw and naked to the singer in the song over and over again and I can’t break the spell or turn it off.

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