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Shelby Lynne – Rocking Magpie Review

Shelby Lynne
Thirty Tigers

A Stunning Album of Songs to Break Then Mend Heart.

I lost track of Shelby Lynne after 2001’s LOVE, SHELBY album, and after listening to this beautiful album that may well have been a big mistake.
This is the sort of record you want to listen to after a hard day at work and a hard night partying. Beautiful songs, great arrangements, and superb vocals. The album also doubles as a (sort of) soundtrack to indie film WHEN WE KILL THE CREATORS (trailer – ) which also features Lynne as the main character.
The songs are stripped back, often only featuring Lynne with just a piano or guitar. The spine of the songs is jazz; but this isn’t a jazz album, or a country album for that matter.
It’s just an album of beautifully written songs no matter what the genre. Her voice is simply superb with plenty of moments that send shivers down the spine. You can feel the confusion and hurt in her voice, as she tells stories of love (the good and the bad) and what that does to us as people.
The musicians on the album include Heartbreaker, Benmont Tench, as well as Mimi Friedman, Ed Roth and Billy Mitchell, and they completely understand where the songs need to go and the sensitive feeling that they require.
There isn’t a duff track on here.
From the opener, Strange Things to closer, Lovefear, every song hits home with power and emotion. The opening line of the album  “Sitting across from a stranger, that you can’t live without,” sets the tone for the rest of the album.
This is not a long review, and it doesn’t need to be. This album has classic written all over it. Please don’t just take my word for it; but if you’re new to Shelby Lynne or an old fan that lost touch then go and give this stunning album a listen.

Review courtesy Chris Harrison
Released 17th April 2020


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