SL’s Deviled Eggs


1 Dozen Eggs
Dukes Mayo
Yellow Mustard
Sweet Pickle Relish
Smoked Paprika (tastes good, little flavor)

How to make it

A southern favorite, but I have to admit I’ve never met anyone, anywhere who
doesn’t dig deviled eggs. There’s something about them that makes the event seem
special. They remind me of church revivals, Easter and anything Summer.
The egg boiling process has always been a mystery, or it was until I discovered
Martha Stewart figured it out. Her way is the way I go about it. It works, but takes
time and is worth the wait for perfect eggs that don’t look like they’ve been to war
before you put them on Grandma’s handed down deviled egg plate.
Deviled eggs should always look bouncy and ultra fresh, never runny yolk filling
and never try to over “fancy” them by adding or fixing them up. (Even though I
have to admit my fancy version is the same as this version except I put one tiny
dollop of good caviar on top just before serving for brunch, but this is only called
for if there is champagne.)
Depending how many folks you are serving, you’ll have to decide how many eggs
you need to boil. But I am going to set this up for 1 dozen boiled eggs, which will
fit into my friend Mimi’s platter, handed down from her Mama which has a total of
24 deviled eggs places.
I boil my eggs hours ahead of time. If I’m having brunch I get top early and do it
so they can cool and be ready for peeling, not hot, not even warm.
I put the eggs into the boiler and fill with water, covering them. When the water
comes to a roll, I take them off of the heat and cover for 20 minutes, at
least..then I take them out and put aside on the counter until they are completely
cool..This version makes perfect hard boiled eggs.
When you use The Negg Boiled Egg Peeler you can’t lose. Just don’t shake too
hard and beat your egg to death. It doesn’t take many cracks in a boiled egg for you
to easily peel it off for perfect looking eggs.
After I peel them all, I use a slicer to make them perfect. I’ve torn up many by
using a dull knife, but go ahead and use one if it’s sharp enough. Put your egg
halves on your egg platter, emptying the yolks into your chopper, (doesn’t
matter if you don’t have an egg platter, it’s a total southerner thing to own one of
these babies..)
then add the Mayo, Mustard, Sweet Relish, and Salt. Like I said earlier, the
yoke filling should never be runny, but have peaks in it when you put it back into
the egg halves.
I know it’s crazy and our Mama’s didn’t do it this way, but I use a cake decorating
bag with any tip I’m in the mood for. If your filling is the right consistency it acts
like cake frosting anyway, and it sure makes for good-looking eggs, and allows a
bit of cool creativity too.
So give the yokes a good spin in the chopper, makes sure there aren’t any chunks,
it should be perfectly smooth when you put it into your cake decorating bag. Take
your time, as you distribute enough into each egg half. It’s always better to half fill
until you get them all done because you can go back and add more to them to
make them full.
Add a little Smoked Paprika on top for gorgeous color.
Chill. (The eggs, not you… because you have to fry chicken now…)
Then serve and impress folks. People love em’.
Just like a Summer Sunday afternoon dinner on the ground after church..