SL’s Fried Chicken


10 Frying Legs
10 Frying Thighs
Vegetable Oil or Crisco
Cayenne Pepper
Black Pepper
Garlic Powder
Brown Paper Bag

How to make it

Frying chicken is a task. There is no way to get out of standing over a pot of hot
grease, waiting. But it’s so worth it.
I fry only dark meat. I never cook chicken breasts for anything unless I’m going
to use it for a salad.
I turn my burner to one tick past Medium. I have no idea what temperature that is
have never checked it, but this is about perfect for heat. Anything else will get too
hot and then, well forget it..
It’s simple.
When I get back from the butcher I unwrap the chicken, rinse it, and spread it
out over the butcher paper, and do my seasoning there, then I can just toss the
paper and haven’t contaminated my cabinets. ( Seriously, my OCD kicks in, when
I’m in the kitchen, I try to clean as I go.)
I like a kick to my chicken but not like that Super hot stuff, so put as much
Cayenne as you want. Add salt, and black pepper, then the garlic powder, not
too much..Put about 2 cups of flour in a brown paper bag, and add as many
pieces of chicken as your first batch will be in the pan.
I use a deep cast iron skillet. The deeper the pan, the less grease you have to clean
up later.
Shake the pieces in the bag, covering each piece fully. Make sure your grease is
ready before you put the chicken in, test it by throwing a little flour in the pot, it
will sizzle if it’s ready.
It’s hard to know when chicken is done. But it’s around 10/12 minutes a piece just
to be sure. Place it on paper towels to absorb the oil until all of your chicken is
done, then serve on a cool platter.
The best thing about old school fried chicken is the golden, crusty outside and the
steaming hot dark meat.
Ain’t nothing like a chicken leg.